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Take This Job & Shove It

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It’s here! It’s finally here! Take This Job & Shove it: A Riskologist’s Guide to F*** You Funds is ready for prime time.

This 10,500 word guide is completely free (actually, it pays you $100 to read it) and I wrote it for anyone who’s sick of their job and ready to quit and do something more meaningful but needs help making the transition without freaking out about money.


(You’ll need a PDF reader to view it. Here’s an excellent free one.)

Or, read on to learn a little more about it.

What it is:

Take This Job & Shove It is a step by step resource that walks you through the process of what it takes to quit your job without freaking out about money by quickly saving what I call, and pardon my french, a “F*** You Fund.”

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Why it’s so important to quit your job if you hate what you do
  • How to build a “F*** You Fund” that will keep you afloat while you try something new
  • How to save real money even if you don’t make very much
  • What to do to avoid the pitfalls that come with saving money (yes, there actually are some)
  • How to get your own F*** You Fund started with $100 (or far more) absolutely free

Who it’s for:

Back when I worked in my corporate job, one of the favorite discussions my colleagues and I would have was what we’d do if we didn’t need our job – if we had the money to do what we really wanted to.

I wanted to start my own business on the Internet. One of my friends wanted to run his own contracting company. Another just wanted to make a little money as a ski instructor and hit the slopes all year.

It was a quiet, guarded conversation that always ended with “But I’m lucky to have this job…” Never the less, we talked about it nearly every day.

If you’ve ever had a conversation like that (with yourself or anyone else) but then remembered the bills you needed to pay and thought, “But I’m lucky to have this job…” then I wrote this guide for you.

What’s inside:

  • 3 reasons why it is so important that you start building a F*** You Fund
  • 4 simple truths that eliminate every excuse to not get started
  • The 4 step process that I used to build my own $40,000+ F*** You Fund
  • 5 ways to fast track your progress if you need to get out now
  • A guide for dealing with friends and family once they find out what you’re up to
  • $100 (or a whole lot more) to get your fund started right now

Bonus: If you sign up for my email updates, you’ll also get my comprehensive instructional video detailing how I manage every piece of my financial life in 5 minutes or less every week.

(If you’re already on the list, you should have gotten an email showing you how to access the video. Get a hold of me if you need help.)

Three Simple Requests

If you download this guide and get something out of it, I’d like to ask that you do 3 simple things for me:

1) Spread the word by letting more people know about it. Tweet it on Twitter. Share it on Facebook. Submit it to StumbleUpon, Reddit, Digg, or anywhere else you hang out online. Tell a friend who might enjoy it about the guide. Print it out and leave it on a park bench or in a coffee shop.

2) Leave a review here in the comments or write one for your own site. Give me your feedback and let me and other readers know what you thought of it.

3) Update me with how much money you’ve earned or saved as a result of the guide. I’ll keep a running tally here on the download page so that people can see just how useful the guide can be for them.

Most of all, thanks for taking the time to read my free guide. I hope you get a lot out of it. Here’s the link again to download:


Update 08/27/10: Take This Job has already been downloaded more than 1,000 times. Thanks to everyone for reading. May it be the start of something big. Also, a few bloggers have already reviewed the guide for their readers. Here’s the latest:

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What smart people are saying about this...

  1. Mark Powers says:

    Killer layout, Tyler- congratulations on your launch!

    I can’t wait to dive more deeply into the book. But I had to jump straight to the “Dealing with Friends and Family” chapter. Very cool that you included that . . . definitely something that has to be dealt with anytime one decides to step outside the norm and make waves.

    Thanks for the eBook, and for all the time and effort that you obviously put into it! Kudos-


  2. Silvia says:

    Tyler !!! This is soooo good…!!! I won’t stop until I finish it… Congrats !!!

  3. Steve says:

    Already finished it. Great stuff! Unfortunately I was just laid off from my job, but I should be able to start freelancing pretty seamlessly and the book was definitely inspiring!

  4. Glad you’re still getting something out of it, Steve. That’s a tough spot to be in, but it sounds like you’ve already got your ducks in a row, so good on you!

  5. Got it. I’ll be reading it tonight!

  6. Srinivas Rao says:

    Hey Tyler,

    I’ve been looking forward to your launch of this, and plan to spend the afternoon reading it :). Fortunately I love what I do, but I’m thinking that there is still plenty here that is applicable to my life.,

  7. Sean says:

    Very cool design man, looking forward to digging into this some more. Looks like there is some GREAT content. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. Enjoy today.

  8. Mars Dorian says:

    I was actually quite surprised reading your ebook.

    The approach is unique, and despite your bank account offerings (which don’t work for non-North Americans), I really liked your view on this !

    • Glad you enjoyed it Mars. Yes, the bank account offerings are only good in the US, but there are several options for international readers as well at the resource listed in the guide.

      Thanks so much for reading!

  9. Anonymous says:

    won’t leave my name, sorry. In my job now and I wanna get out, seriously! Downloading this book and reading my way to get out of boredom!

  10. Paul Desrosiers says:

    I’am much, MUCH older than most of your readers, but the information that you sent in “Take this Job and Shove It” isn’t about how old or young you are…and it couldn’t have been more appropriate to the situation that I found myself in yesterday. Let me explain.
    I’ve worked in a local hospital for the past 8 years. The job sucks(sound familiar?)but I put up with it all this time because…well, it was a job and I felt lucky to have a job with all the people out of work in America right now. There’s a hierarchy, however, in health care as you might have guessed-doctors at the top of the heap and then…everyone else below. My major gripe with this particular hospital in Modesto is that the doctors are afforded every convenience and gratuity while the employees are just an afterthought at best. As an example, the doctors get all the free food they want at the hospital cafeteria…so much so that they load their tray to capacity whether they plan to eat all the food or not. Then the recession came, and what did the ceo’s, in all their infinite wisdom decide to do to cut back expenses? The doctors still get all the free food they want while the employees that do the bulk of the work had their employee cafeteria discount of 50% cut in half again! Now what does that say about how we, as employees, are valued by the company? I can’t believe that this doctor/employee pecking order, outdated as it is, is still adhered to in this day and age.
    Anyway, getting back to my situation, my supervisor called my yesterday and informed me that my position at the hospital was being eliminated in order to cut costs(doctors, have another round of cafeteria goodies on me!)
    I’m nearing retirement but I really don’t want to retire in the traditional sense where you make the rest of your life into a perpetual “sit at home and watch tv” type of life sentence. I want to take the opportunity to pursue my passions- the things in my youth that made me feel alive-one of which is acting(I attended the Actor’s Studio for a short period of time).
    Your write up convinced me that the day where circumstances will suddenly be right will NEVER come. When I was young(er), my chief fear was that I would someday find myself lying on my deathbed regretting that I never had the courage to live my passions-carpe diem sort of mind set. Now I find that fear an almost certain reality if I don’t do as you suggests in your article. And just like you, I find myself in a position to act instead of equivocating on some future intention to live my dreams.
    If I was to give advice to the rest of your readers, it would go something like this. Go after the life you feel passionate about. Don’t wait for another tomorrow to pass by. That mundane job that gives you that sense of security is only an illusion. When the chips are down, you’ll find that your employer really doesn’t give a damn what happens to you.

    • Deb says:

      I found out that my employer didn’t give a damn after 16 years. Almost unbelievable!

    • Art V says:

      Paul Desrosiers, you are never “Too Old” to create a new adventure … I too am in your age group and I am also called crazy or he’s having a mid-life crisis … but persevere … it will be worth it …

  11. Charon says:

    Already got through the job shoving part years ago (that’s not as porny as it sounds, honest … ), but what’s REALLY got me excited is going through the strategies for saving and then building that fund into something great. It’s a hurdle I’ve been trying to negotiate for a while with only modest success. Thanks for your help and wisdom!

  12. Just finished. Loved the differentiation between being “frugal” & being “cheap.” That’s a huge differentiation between the two and it can make a huge difference in people’s purchasing decisions. Well done Tyler.

  13. Matt says:

    I got paid to read this today (I read it at work). I have to say this is really well written and laid out and contains a wealth of information for anyone who wants to escape a situation they are not happy with. The section on saving and finding other ways to increase savings is really fantastic. You’ve given me some great ideas and inspiration to continue on my path toward being able to tell my employer to “take this job and shove it”. Well actually I won’t tell them to shove it but rather thank them for making me realize what I don’t want in life.

    • Ha. If you read it while at work you can really increase the value of the book!

      Maybe that should be another selling point. If you want to really get the most out of the guide, read it while you’re on the clock! :)

  14. Izzen says:

    I knew there was some stupid catch to all this.

    Umm… If I had $750 in the first place, why would $100 make that much of a difference? Thanks for wasting a desperate woman’s time.

    I guess none of the money game can apply to us poverty-stricken losers. I already live frugally, because my back’s against the wall. There’s nothing left to cut! So, all you readers, have fun transforming your oh-so-meaningless desk jobs that you get luxuriously compensated for into a happy care-free existence selling oranges on the beach. Who could’ve seen that coming?

    I’ll just be over here taking care of your snot-nosed brats for the rest of my effing life.

    I know it’s probably outside your experience, Tyler, to be penniless by circumstance and not by choice, but all of you “lifestyle gurus” out there might stop and think for a second about what YOUR bias is. Where YOU are coming from, and how different that can be from someone with a bleaker background. How about a disclaimer:

    If you do not already have a well-compensated desk job, do not bother trying to improve your life.

    It should be tacked onto ALL of your impossibly immature, irresponsible articles, and the writing of most others like Tim Ferriss and Ramit Sethi. The way they pay no credit to the ease of their lives pre-college, or what kind of clout getting into a good expensive college or program has earned them just amazes me. Yes, you get a free ticket to life if you’re halfway intelligent and born at least middle class. This is the capitalist caste system.

    • Izzen,

      I’m sorry you’re so upset and feel like I’ve wasted your time.

      I want to be clear, though, that you don’t pay $750 to take advantage of all the offers. You just transfer it to different accounts. I did my best to reference lots of other options for people who couldn’t take advantage of the ones I made.

      So far, those offers have already helped dozens of people.

      Like I said in the guide, there will be people who read it and get flaming mad and send me nasty notes telling me how awful of a person I am for writing it.

      I thought about deleting your comment, but decided to leave it up because:

      1) I want real feedback from real people, and this is definitely real.

      2) I want to demonstrate to people who do believe in my work that I’m not lying when I say that if you want to do something interesting with your life, you have to be able to accept harsh criticism because your message won’t speak to everyone the same.

      I hope you find exactly what you’re looking for, and I’m sorry that you couldn’t find it here.

    • Mark Powers says:


      As a struggling musician, I have often found myself “penniless by circumstance and not by choice” over the years. I certainly have never held a “well-compensated desk job,” nor come from a family with any money. Rather, there were times when eating Spam and brushing our teeth with baking soda was considered “doing well.” And I shit you not.

      However, I feel that anyone can find tremendous value in blogs such as these. Not everyone writing about changing their lives have come from that same cushy background that you’re suggesting. When reading, take what you can from them that can apply to you where you are currently at. Even if it’s just one small technique, concept or way it thought. Absorb that, apply it to your life and come back again later for more, when you’ve moved on and are ready for more. Baby steps.

      I quote the following from your own ‘Choices’ blog post . . . which, by the way, I am really enjoying!

      “If there were no obstacle, which path would you choose?

      If what you wanted were easy you’d already be doing it by now. But if the hard road leads to getting what you want, then whatever challenges you face to get there don’t factor into the decision. Just fuckin’ go.”

      I mean nothing negative in replying to your comment. Actually, I thank you. Reading your thoughts reminds me where I come from and why I continually work so hard to make choices that will lead me elsewhere.

    • visnja says:

      izzen, i am sure you could find many (even famous) people with the bleakest background you could ever imagine, but who still managed to dig themselves out of the dirt life sometimes is. it’s all about the story those people told themselves to get out. there are much better stories you could tell yourself, other than “i’m a poverty stricken loser”. change the story first and watch your ‘luck’ change, with time. people like tyler, sethi and ferriss only want everybody on the planet to have what they managed to accomplish, no need to call people names.

      tyler, most people are not haters, i don’t believe izzen is either. she’s just someone who could use some ‘lucky streak’ right now. maybe she’s not supposed to start her journey on your blog where everything is about risk-taking, but i’m sure she’ll find her path, and the path could lead from this very blog. much of the support anybody ever needs *is* on the internet, no more than 6 clicks away :-)

    • Sharon says:

      Izzen, I’ve been “penniless” a good portion of my life too. I know the frustration and pain it brings. My current job pays just enough to “get by” on. That’s why I find Tyler’s work here so exciting. I’m tired of my own negative, self fulfilling thoughts. I want new ones and this is a great place to start :)

    • Tom says:

      Well, I know this list of comments is rather old, but what the hell.

      Izzen, I hope you come out of whatever struggles your are going through. That being said, I hope you also realize that nobody, and I mean NOBODY, is restricted to a certain level of success in life based on what economic situation they were born into. I grew up poor too. That theory is just a bunch of “poor me” garbage.

      Reality check coming……

      I was browsing your blog and noticed in one of your posts you complained of being soooo tired because you spent over 20 hours the week before playing Sims. Priorities, priorities. THIS is exactly the pattern of behavior that will keep you wallowing in the rut you are in for the rest of your life.

      If you want things in your life to be different, YOU need to actually DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. It will not just magically happen, and I’m sure deep down you know this is true. Is it easy? Hell no! But, it is possible, and doable. You’ve just got to TRULY want it bad enough.

  15. Stanley Lee says:

    Izzen: If Tyler’s presentation/book hasn’t convinced you, maybe this will in retrospect: http://www.stevepavlina.com/blog/2006/07/10-reasons-you-should-never-get-a-job/

  16. Bob U. says:

    Look around and you can probably find a better deal than the $75 Ing bank offer. Citibank has sent us a couple of coupons for $100 for opening a checking account there. Unfortunately we got that offer in the mail a few months after we opened accounts there, and they wouldn’t apply it retroactively. Lots of banks have offers like that for new accounts, especially if you set up direct deposit. Citi also had a “rewards” VISA card that you could sign up for and get bonus points worth $100, and my wife and I were able to get separate cards to take advantage of that offer twice, so that was $200 free right there.

    The main advantage to the Ing bank offer is that if you follow the instructions in the book, you get $25 and the author of the book gets $10. If you go with Ing bank it’s only fair to let the author get that bonus. He’s got a better way of doing it than any of the hundreds of other people you’ll find trying to do the same thing if you google for “Ing bank referral”. But it’s also only fair to point out that banks right now are competing for business, and there may be significantly better deals out there, at banks in your own neighborhood that are a lot less hassle to deal with.

    • Bob. Thanks for leaving those resources here. It’s true that I get a small compensation for each person that completes the offer, but I’m far more interested in helping people build their escape funds, so I’m happy to have people offer better deals.

      I used the ING offer in the book because it’s stood the test of time. Other offers from other banks come and go on a daily basis, so they weren’t a good fit for Take This Job & Shove It. That’s why I included the other resource for finding deals like you’re talking about.

      Feel free to update here again if you find more good deals. I want people to make as much as possible. :)

  17. angie says:

    Tyler, I’m dying to read this but both links top and bottom and the image still tell me the file is damaged and can’t be repaired. ?!

  18. Hi Tyler, this post was really timely for me as my husband hates his job. I reminded him that we already have a F-U fund so there’s no need for him to stay there. He is making a transition plan now. (I already work for myself).

  19. Annie says:

    Tyler – I’m sure you know already – when people lash out at you, it’s because of something within themselves and has absolutely nothing to do with you, personally. ;-) Your response to Izzen was gracious and kind. I, too, hope she finds what she’s looking for and since others have already given her advice, I won’t add anything to that except that . . .

    Izzen, if you’re still reading – there’s an excellent book by Don Migual Ruiz called The Four Agreements. I found it incredibly useful when I began my journey as a “poverty-stricken loser,” as you so aptly put it.

    Now about the guide – I downloaded and read the guide yesterday morning. As you know, Tyler, I have found myself in a similar financial situation as Izzen this year and I don’t think your guide is any less helpful for me than for someone “looking to leave a cushy desk job,” as it were.

    It just means I am going to have to find more creative ways to conserve and save my money than someone who does have disposable income. It may take me longer even. But the good news is that I already know I can live on less! I know that once I have the FYF set up, I’ll be prepared to go full steam ahead.

    When you’re already at the bottom, the only way to go is up!

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  22. [...] Take This Job and Shove It Take This Job & Shove It is a step by step resource that walks you through the process of what it takes to quit your job without freaking out about money by quickly saving what I call, and pardon my french, a “F*** You Fund.” [...]

  23. mary says:

    I think i might be a little older then some of your readers too, I have an eight year old son and wait tables for a living. I do pretty well for myself but want more…and I don’t mean more money (althought it would be nice). I do want to be debt free and not tied to my job for the rest of my life. I am working on my education and once I have a FYF I will be ready pounce on different experiences, and hopefully make a better more exciting living.
    Anyway, Thanks…because of you I deposited a big chunk of my paycheck toward my credit card debt today…when that is taken care of I will finish reading this fun little (possibly life changing) guide.

    • Paul Desrosiers says:

      Mary, Congratulations for taking the first step towards a personal and financial goal of freedom. Don’t forget, however, to pay yourself first!
      In my own personal experience, I used to pay my debts down which depleted my cash reserves only to be hit with a sudden “emergency” expense necessitating the use of my credit card once again. May I suggest a book which helped me immensely: http://www.amazon.com/What-Want-Life-Money-Already/dp/0316485187 . I don’t agree with everything this author suggests, but she has some great ideas on how to dig yourself out of your financial hole while building your personal emergency fund.

      Good luck in your future.
      Paul Desrosiers

  24. Hey Tyler,

    You said you regretted that you weren’t the one to quit your job. I think you should be proud of yourself! They dropped you like a bad habit and like you said, you didn’t have to go crawling to another construction company. I hope that I will be as resilient as you. I am in a crunch time, as I may not have a job next month. I wrote some notes on your book on my site. I hope the no copyright applied to the image as well :-)

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  26. Wow, seems great! I just downloaded it, thanks!

  27. … and I twittered about it too. Will try to find the time to blog about it as well… :)

  28. Lincoln says:

    Just subscribed to your site. As a fellow 20-something I think I’m on the same page as you. I’m working on getting out of corporate America as well. Thanks for the inspiration! I definitely need it.

  29. Dale B. Swinford says:

    I just ran into your site as a result of your guest post on Ramit Sethi’s blog. I signed up for your email updates and downloaded the “FYF” pdf. After reading it in one sitting, I sent its link to my kids and to a few of my friends who have a larger circle of acquaintances than I do. With any luck at all, all of the above will be as delighted with your work as I was.

    BTW, have you run across “ChangeThis.org”? I think that this would be an excellent addition to their “essays”.

  30. Katie Schulz says:

    Thanks so much for your ebook. I love the name of your fund. I almost have the amount I need, now I just need to find the courage.

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  32. Cake Betch says:

    So I’ve just read through the whole guide and I’m already planning ideas in my head and giving myself a deadline. I’m really excited to start this FYF fund.
    Also – I must be emotional right now because the guy on your guide looks so sad and I just want to hug him.

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  37. Jonathan says:

    I totally understand where you’re coming from. With a job you can’t truly LIVE life the way YOU want to. Keep up the good work and continue to educate the masses about REALLY LIVING.

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  42. Steph says:

    I’ve already been planning my escape for a few months. I was so excited to stumble on your site and find this information. I’ve read the first few pages of the ebook and I swear it’s like you drilled into my thoughts and dumped them into your book. I have always known that I didn’t want a conventional 9-5 job and suburban lifestyle, but I allowed myself to be pressured into it because I’m an “adult” now and that’s what adults do. It’s taken me 2 years to realize that being a 29year-old adult means I can write my own definition of adulthood, not conform to everyone else’s. It’s so nice to read the information on your site and have some insight from someone who’s done it before. Thanks for creating this site, Tyler. In a few months, I hope to be back here posting about my success. Don’t worry, I’ll include you in the acknowledgements. :)

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  50. Nathalie says:

    Hi Tyler!

    Thank you so much for this free ebook! I’m only past the introduction but i already love it. I’m 29 and i’m from tiny tiny Luxembourg (Europe) and i’m considering a big career change in a year or so. And so this guide comes right on time :)

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  54. FAXBoy says:

    This book should ONLY be read at work! (Preferably while two or three angry customers or important clients are on hold at your desk.)

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  56. This is an entertaining & informative call-to-arms, Tyler. An enjoyable read!

    My wife and I are big fans of MINT and ING Direct.
    I appreciate your distinction between FRUGAL and CHEAP. (Lots of my friends call me cheap. But who needs a brand new car, or a fancy model? My 2nd-hand minivan works just fine.) ;)

    Anyway Tyler, I look forward to spreading the good word. :)



  57. kittilia says:

    Thanks for the advice! I ran across this page by accident, and I don’t exactly have a job i need to quit, but it’s good advice in case I ever do. I suppose one day I’ll start hating my job, or I’ll chose a job I don’t like or a college that I hate… I don’t know. Stuff like that happens to me, I suppose, so I’ll keep this book in my hard drive until then.

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  60. Tihomir says:

    I just finished reading this on my phone. Every chance I got, I snuck in a section. While waiting for a meeting to start or a friend to join me for dinner. I’m one of those who likes to prepare so much before starting an endeavor. This books is giving me the courage to just delve in and so I am. Thank you.

  61. [...] also got a few products available, some free and one for sale. I read his free eBook, Take This Job And Shove It a month ago and it had some great tips on getting out of your [...]

  62. gravy train says:

    this thing is awesome in every way. so far ive saved about 7,600 dollars and left my job to work with children with disabilities. and still able to save money by using tylers advice. ive used the money to buy a motorcycle[long dream of mine] ive also used the coin trick to rack up flyer miles to go to my favorite gay vacation destinations.
    Thanks tyler,

  63. darthtyrannus says:

    tried downloading the free book and it downloaded and wouldnt open with adobe is it broke??

    • Hi Darthtyrannus,

      As far as I can tell, nothing is broken. You may try downloading again jus in case the file was corrupted the first time and also try updating to the latest version of Adobe Reader if you don’t have it already.

  64. [...] follow a process. They feel lost without a map.This is why people love stuff like this, this and this. Not only is it inspiring and motivating, but it provides a map to success.But there is no [...]

  65. Gift says:

    Tyler,I just stumbled into your website with my phone only to see the comments about your site and
    e-book.I have always wanted to do any honest risk-free online business(being a student)for extra cash.I have already subscribed to your updates but I am a Nigerian residing in Nigeria and so I don’t know if I can do some, if not all,you’ve said here on your site.I really want to be financially free by doing online business but lack mentorship(I want u to please be my mentor) since most I have attempted doing were either scams or unproductive.Please your reply and help to make me earn extra cash towards actualizing my academical pursuits would be immensely appreciated.

    • Zoe says:

      @ GIFT I hope you have been following your dreams, but keep in mind that there is no such thing as a “free lunch” even the things in this book take some work and effort and a little bit of risk. I think it’s so great that you are looking for a mentor – the biggest change most of us can make in life is our environment – that is – the people around us. If we have positive energy around us, we will be positive and give out positive energy. The same goes for negatives. Keep on going the way you are, and you will be fine!

  66. [...] more insight on the F**k you fund, check out the free e-book “Take This Job and Shove It” by Tyler Tervooren. This very well done e-book goes in to much more detail than this article [...]

  67. [...] has been sort of fun, sort of stressful, and sort of exciting. I’m working on saving a FYF (F*** You Fund), building a portfolio, and creating work that will enable me to transition away from my full time [...]

  68. [...] Tyler Tervooren @ Riskology.co – Take This Job and Shove It [...]

  69. mike says:

    This is a very interesting blog and I think some of my friends that don’t like their jobs need to see this!

  70. Evita says:

    You do have some interesting concepts. I would love to see pictures of this old house you live in in Portland. (I love old houses)

    Your ebook certainly frees one’s mind up for things one may not have considered before!

    Best to you!

  71. Thanks for this book. I will get started on it right away.

  72. Sammy says:

    Very motivational read. I recently took up the decision to start an in home personal training business after slaving away at a corporate gym for years and reading that pdf really set my ass on fire.

    Thanks for that compadre!

  73. I have been exploring for a little for any high-quality articles or blog posts on this kind of space . Exploring in Yahoo I finally stumbled upon this website. Reading this info So i am satisfied to exhibit that I have an incredibly excellent uncanny feeling I came upon exactly what I needed. I most surely will make sure to do not disregard this web site and provides it a glance on a constant basis.

  74. miley cyrus says:

    The best thing in the world is working for yourself and not for the “man”. The big problem I see is that everyone is scared to start and thinks that doing it 1 hour week will make it work. With anything the more you put into something the better and I think that working for yourself is something everyone can put their time into.

  75. [...] his free guide “take this job and shove it” he shares numerous ways to build up a savings fund to leave your day job behind. Pick it up [...]

  76. Dorian says:

    Just quit a job that I hated today. Looking forward to reading the book :)

  77. Zoe says:

    HI everyone! I absolutely LOVE your site Tyler and have just started reading the book. I look forward to changing the course of my career if not my life. Also I love to share things that I truly believe in and that I have tried myself so I can guarantee you I will be sharing your site (and book) with as many people as I can. On that note, I feel that you and your readers will be interested in Evolution Seminars (USA) or The Breakthrough Academy (as it’s known in Australia). I’ve been to Unleash your Sucess and Unlock the Matrix phase 1 & 2 (AU) and am signed up for another one(FYI I get absolutely no kick backs by telling you guys about it). Fantastic people who really want to help others drive themselves forward to achieve their dreams. It’s a bit out of the box and a bit fantastic and I recommend it to anyone who wants to be a part of the 1% (so basically all of you on this site). If you’re interested you can get in touch with them through (USA)www.doubleyourdollarslive.com OR http://www.breakthroughacademy.com.au (Australia)


  78. [...] Quit your job. (Need help? You can find a fantastic downloadable how-to guide here) [...]

  79. [...] Download Take This Job and Shove It from Riskology.co [...]

  80. travis says:

    Quit my job 2.5 years ago. Returned to school to follow my passion. I live a frugal lifestyle. I have been criticized by family and friends for making these decisions and giving up a great paying job, that I was miserable at and hated. Hated to the point where I numbed my hate with abusing alcohol. Tonight, I have <$35 in my account. But guess what? I have never been happier in my life. My stress over "keeping up with the norm" is gone. My worries over having the latest and best thing also gone. It doesn't mean I do without. I am writing this on my new MacBook Pro, I have the new iPad for school and I live in a decent and comfortable apartment. I have these, because I save for them. I don't rely on credit cards or loans. My education is paid for through grants and scholarships. (This is also how I have the new devices for school, they were part of a scholarship).
    I have taken several risks and stepped WAY outside my confort zones. And each risk I take, I learn something new.
    I haven't been happier. I am also in the best health and physical shape since high school. I could go on and on. But in the end, walking away from my career and embarking on my passions was the best decision ever!
    If I can do it, anyone can. You just need a positive outlook. And put actions into your intentions…

  81. [...] got a 2-year-old daughter to take care of and bills to pay. That being said, I created an Eff You Fund years ago after I decided that I was going to quit my job eventually.  Tyler explains it better, [...]

  82. rubber track says:

    Thank you so much for this free ebook!Glad you’re still getting something out of it, Steve. That’s a tough spot to be in, but it sounds like you’ve already got your ducks in a row, so good on you!

  83. Jose says:

    Very motivational read. I recently took up the decision to start an in home personal training business after slaving away at a corporate gym for years and reading that pdf really set my ass on fire.

    Thanks for that compadre!

  84. Thanks for the e-book. I grew up listening to Johnny Paycheck sing this song and saw him live many eons ago- of course a mantra like that sticks with you.

    I currently live moment to moment, having not made great choices in the past, but never-the-less, I’m determined to make my life a much bigger success than it is so far. As it is, it’s a work in progress- of course- but this boat is listing and I’d like to get ‘er upright and steady.

    Finding sites like yours has helped me realize that my “unconventionality” that has made conventional behavior and habits so challenging is actually a good thing and not necessarily a curse after all- I’ve just got kinks to work out in the form of bad habits to curb and some tweaking to do in the form of building a stronger income.

    Nice site- keep up the great work.

  85. Izzy says:

    I just downloaded it. I’m stoked to dig into it.

    My father taught me a similar concept growing up. He would always say to me “Izzy, you need to have F— you money”. He then explained to me that this is “money that allows you to say ‘F— you’ if you hate your job, or you feel that they treat you wrong.

    He always told me it is a horrible position to be in, when you need the money. It gives the other person all the power.

    Stoked to check this out.

  86. [...] Now, let’s go for a little guided tour. If you look to your right, you’ll see the title “most wanted” over in the sidebar. Those are the articles that everyone else thinks are the best. Never a bad place to start. Right below those you can find the most recent pieces I’ve written, and you can even download my completely free digital guide, Take This Job & Shove It, right over here. [...]

  87. [...] started last night by reading Tyler Tervooren’s “Take this job and shove it.” It’s cemented what I’ve tried to convince myself of several times: it’s [...]

  88. Patri Martínez DeVelasco YdeCastellví says:

    Hi Ty… Carlos’ mom here… read your guide and some of the articles… and loving your path… i have been living like that for many years and for me there’s no other way to live… in my day i looked at some of the same sites… like the AONC etc… my thoughts are that reading other’s experiences may indeed prove comforting and even useful… that they are all mirrors and that ultimately it is your own path that reveals the answers… for me it is about forgetting about the money… wondering how to have a surplus is still a bit of a splinter… my goal is to ride with no net… as my experience keeps showing me that life always provides… and that we never need more than we have in the moment… even if we end up apparently homeless… there’s always the ground… the sky… and a world filled with kind-hearted beings… all the best to you… will keep connected… Patricia :)

  89. […] Free Download: Take This Job and Shove It […]

  90. Mike Harrington Sherry says:

    Thanks to your guide, as well as info from Jonathan Mead and Sean Ogle, by the time I transition from my corporate job in February 2014, I’ll have about $25k in my “F-You Fund” savings with no debt.

    I’d call that a win, even though my website and business, Career Deviant, has not yet launched!

    Also, I bought a one way ticket to Thailand to give myself at least a 6-12 month headstart on blogging, writing, and business building.

    Thanks for your writing and ongoing support, Tyler!

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