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Overcome Crippling Self-Doubt The Einstein Way

A four-year-old boy sits at home, playing with his toys. He’s hungry, but he doesn’t tell anyone. He’s tired, but only his posture reveals it. Four years old and he can’t (or won’t) speak. Every day, his family wonders, “What’s wrong with this boy? Is he mentally disabled?”

When he starts school, his teachers and classmates think him a dunce. They try to teach him art and languages, but he doesn’t pick them up like the other kids. He’s only learned enough German to get by.

In high school, he repeats his sentences to himself. Everyone thinks he’s slow. He applies to college, but fails the entrance exams. Eventually, he earns his degree, but can’t get the teaching job he wants, so he spends his days working in a boring patent office.

But, through the many years growing up and thought of as a nobody capable of nothing, the young man told himself a different story. He knew he was good at something, and that something was science. He spent all his free time and energy honing his thoughts until he had something worth sharing.

The young man was Albert Einstein and, in 1905, he shared four ideas that would become the foundation of modern physics. [1] [2]

Einstein was a genius. We all know that today, but it couldn’t have been further from obvious in his formative years.

Did he make the impact on the world he did just because he was smart? Does intelligence shine through despite the odds? Probably not. There are lots brilliant people who never overcome the hurdles of being misunderstood and made to feel they don’t belong.

Brilliance was one critical ingredient in the Einstein formula, but an equally important element was likely how he thought about himself—his ability to keep working and see his own worth when everything around him suggested he didn’t have any.

Today, there’s convincing evidence from the psychological study of high schoolers that how well you perform in life depends a lot on how much you believe you can improve when it seems like you’re not achieving anything. Continue Reading →

Art Forgery And What It Takes To Master A Skill

Reminder: I’m hosting a free webinar on rapid learning this Thursday with superstar educator, Breanne Dyck. Sign up here.

When it comes to cooking, I know how to make a few things. There’s a list of recipes I stick to and if all the ingredients are available and I’m in a familiar kitchen I can make dinner.

I’m no chef. Even cook would be a stretch. What I am is a man who knows how to follow instructions. If the directions are well written and nothing goes wrong, you’ll get something edible at the end.

My wife, on the other hand, is a culinary genius. Everything she makes is exceptional and, if she follows a recipe, it’s one she created herself. Missing ingredient? No problem; she knows what to substitute. Working with a new oven? She can watch her dish for signs it’s ready.

These are skills I do not have. If you were to describe the difference between my wife and I, you could say that I know how to cook, but she understands food. I’m an imitator, she’s a master.

If you want to build a useful skill that will serve you for a lifetime you have to bridge the very wide gap between mimicry and mastery.

But how?

Continue Reading →

Free Webinar: Supercharge Your Learning

I’ve spent my whole life thinking I knew the best way to learn. After years of trying different styles, I was certain I knew the best and only to get myself to retain new knowledge and actually understand difficult concepts.

Then I met Breanne Dyck, an education ninja who’s spent her adult life debunking myths about how we learn and building learning systems from sound research that help people significantly speed up the time it takes to grasp new concepts.

Breanne and I thought it would be fun to host free webinar on the topic, and I want to invite you to join us. We’re going to cover three lies and one truth about how to learn new skills quickly. Here are the details:

Topic: Supercharge Your Learning: 3 Lies And 1 Truth About How We Learn
When: Thursday, June 25th at 4:00 PM Pacific
Where: Over here

Unlike every other webinar you’ve attended, there’s absolutely nothing for sale. There will be no pitch at the end—just a short Q&A session with the master herself.

  • Maybe you’re in the wrong job and want to switch professions, but you’re not sure you can learn a new trade fast enough.
  • Perhaps you’re trying to get to the next level at work, but there’s a big learning curve to take that next step.
  • Maybe you want to learn a hobby like gardening, playing music, or something else that will make your life more enjoyable.
  • Maybe you just want to know how to rapidly learn in case you ever need to.

If you’ve ever wanted to pick up a new skill quickly, you should join us for this free webinar. See you on Thursday?

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