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Sharpening The Saw: Why Productive People Always Have Time For Exercise

Sven and Jack are two hearty loggers. One day, Jack challenges Sven: who can hand cut the most trees in a single day? Sven, sure of himself, accepts the challenge.

The rules are simple: each gets one saw to fall the most trees by the end of the day. The winner gets a gourmet lunch prepared by the other for a whole week.

When the whistle blows to start the competition, Jack picks up his saw and gets right to work. Sven takes a different route. Instead of hustling to his first tree, he pulls out his sharpening kit, sits down with his back against a stump, and spends 45-minutes honing the several hundred serrated edges on his trusty tool.

The other loggers taunt Sven. “What are you wasting so much time for? Hope you like wearing a chef’s hat!”

But Sven knows better. He knows the 45 minutes look like wasted time, but they’ll actually translate into many more minutes in productive tree-cutting.

When Sven finally starts, Jack is a full trees ahead of him. But he’s also tired. The dull saw is overworking him, and he’s slowing down. Sven, however, rips through tree after tree. His razor-sharp saw falls them effortlessly.

By early afternoon, Jack has given up. He’s hunched over, exhausted. Sven blows past him, falling trees well into the evening and, at the end of the day, stands tall looking over his accomplishment without so much as a heavy breath. [1]Continue Reading →

The 5-Step Negotiation Process I Use To Lower My Monthly Bills By 25%

Anyone who tells you something is “non-negotiable” is, in fact, using that as a negotiation strategy themselves. Those of us familiar with haggling know the truth: everything is negotiable.

Where I am in The U.S., negotiation is typically reserved for used cars and flea markets. It’s not customary to question the price of something that doesn’t fit in those categories.

This means people who sell things in my part of the world are at a huge advantage. You can set your price at whatever you want and most won’t argue. What if it wasn’t like that? What if you had the power? What if you decided how much your phone or Internet bill is?

These are the things you pay for every month. Over time, they add up to tremendous amounts. What if you could cut those bills by 20% or more just by learning a bit of negotiation psychology?

I tried my hand at this last year and recruited a few friends to do the same. We all lowered our bills or received improved service. And it all took us 10 minutes or less.

Here’s a brief rundown of everything you need to know to learn the psychology of negotiation and get big companies to let you decide what you’re going to pay.Continue Reading →

What Free Things On The Internet Should Everyone Be Taking Advantage Of?

It occurred to me the other day that I take advantage of many products and services online to live the best and most productive life I can. The Internet is filled to the brim with free things, ripe for the taking, that you can put to work right away to simplify difficult tasks and live more efficiently.

The only problem is you’ve probably never heard of most of them and, unless someone tells you about them, you probably won’t find them, either.

For most of us, there’s a small stable of websites and apps—you can probably count them all on your two hands—that you frequent and use each day. You cycle through them and, once you’ve made it around, you feel like you’re “done” with the Internet.

With a community the size of ours, I imagine each of us  uses something to make our lives better that others here have never heard of or considered. So, I thought it would be useful to make a list of all the free, online resources I use that make my life better.Continue Reading →

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