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You Need An Exercise Routine For Your Brain

More than 1,000 retired workers, all aged 75 or above, stood in line. They were about to sit down to a barrage of tests judging their memory and thinking skills. The tests were grueling, and it was only the beginning. For eight years, these retirees would line up every 18 months for the same battery of tests and evaluations, almost as if they were migratory birds following their instincts.

But they weren’t compelled to subject themselves to the draining tasks and judgments. No, they volunteered—and for good reason.

The brains of these older men and women held the answer to a question neuroscience researchers believed they could unlock: Does a life of stressful and demanding work actually make you mentally healthy?

After eight years of tireless study, sifting through mountains of data, and controlling for every possible variable, they had their answer:

Your life of constant stressors that require fast thinking, prioritizing, and decision making—the things you complain leave you exhausted every day after work—are actually making your brain stronger and preparing it for top performance for years to come.

If you ever worry about the stress and constant juggling of priorities in your life… that’s probably good. You don’t want it to become unhealthy. But you don’t want to eliminate it, either. Your difficult work—the things you struggle with but are proud to accomplish—are actually keeping you healthy for a lifetime. Continue Reading →

Help Us Break A World Record… By Eating Breakfast

When was the last time you broke a world record by eating breakfast? Never, that’s when. But that’s all about to change.

It’s that time of year again—time to come together to set yet another Guinness World Record! The World Domination Summit is coming up in July and, as part of the fun, we’ll be setting our third world record. Unlike WDS itself, our record attempts are open to the public. If you can be in Portland, OR on Friday, July 10, then we want and need you there.

This year, the task required is simpler than ever: join us for the world’s biggest breakfast in bed party (yes, seriously).

Register For Worldwide Waffles
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How To Train People To Respect You

bella-and-oliverMeet Bella, the most timid dog on Earth.

For human to Bella interactions, her disposition is ideal. She’ll come right up to you, but she’s too afraid to jump. Even the most dog-fearing child can find a friend in Bella.

For interactions with other dogs, though, her personality is a problem. Other dogs sense her extreme submissiveness and prey on it. Her fearful instincts broadcast to the world, “I’m a victim!.”

In the last year, Bella has had the ever-lovin’ tar beaten out of her three times. It got so bad, my wife and I decided something had to be done to increase her confidence so every dog she passes doesn’t try to kill her.

We started by training her to walk more attentively. And I read somewhere that a dog’s tail up in the air signals confidence. Bella’s tail was always tucked between her legs, so I’d tie the leash around it and hold it up for her. After some months of doing this each day, it’s actually working. She walks with a little more purpose and holds her head and tail up. Other dogs have noticed. They don’t try to murder her as often.

Bella has, effectively, changed herself, or at least the way others perceive her. And that perception has completely changed (okay, it has kind of changed) the way she gets treated.

Have you ever felt like you don’t get the respect you deserve? Like people naturally take advantage of you or see you in a way you wish they didn’t? Maybe you’re a target for every salesman you meet, or maybe your boss is always assigning you the crappy jobs no one wants (and pick up some lattes while you’re at it).

If that’s you—often or even occasionally—have you considered it might have less to do with how others see you and more to do with how you show yourself? That the way people treat you is determined by you, not them?

Changing yourself is hard. Really hard. The personality you’ve developed over time is deeply ingrained. For every possible scenario you could face, your body and mind has a response it will default to. Without serious and careful intervention, these instincts take over without us even realizing it.

If my tiny-brained chihuahua can change her relationship with the world just by making a few minor adjustments to her behavior, though, I’d wager you can do the same.

Here’s what leads to these interactions that don’t work out in your favor and the small changes you can make to how you present yourself to get better results.

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