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"I've taken so many 'stupid risks' in my life. I love your smart, success-focused version of them. – Jason Fonceca, Toronto

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30-Day Habit Challenge: Join Us In Gratitude And Skill Building (Starts December 1)

In a few days, Riskologists across The U.S. will sit down for a Thanksgiving Dinner with their families and—for just one day—think very carefully about everything they’re thankful for.

But anyone who’s been happy for more than a day at a time knows gratitude is one of the fastest ways to achieve happiness and, more importantly, sustain it. When you remind yourself of all the things that make your life great on a daily basis, you go through life healthier, happier, and more successful however you define it.

That’s not just my opinion. There are dozens and dozens of studies now over many decades that prove it. And that’s why I’m excited to invite you to join me and the rest of the Riskologist Community for a 30-day habit challenge to test your gratitude muscle, starting on December 1.

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Your Choices Will Make You Strong And Resilient… Or Weak And Pathetic

Charlie was stranded; his plane crashed on a desert island. With few survivors, they all had to work together to stay alive. But Charlie wasn’t sure he’d make it. Years of playing in his popular band had made him a bit soft.

It wasn’t being unaccustomed to hardship that weighed on him, though. It was his drug addiction—the nasty habit he’d picked up on his way to stardom. He felt completely powerless to it and, worse, his supply was running low.

One day, another survivor, John, caught Charlie in the woods, indulging himself. Charlie looked completely weak and pathetic—no control over himself or his world. Thinking quickly, John saw an opportunity to help Charlie become the strong, resilient person he needed to be to survive in their harsh environment.

He scooped the drugs away from Charlie and told him, “I’m keeping these for now. If you want them back, you can ask me for them. On the third time, I’ll give them to you.

Charlie protested and begged for the drugs back right then. That’s when John explained:

You’re going to run out one way or another. Difficult days of withdrawal lie ahead for you. Now you have a choice. You are the one who gets to decide how your addiction ends. And choice is the most important thing you have. It’s the only thing separating us from animals acting on their base instincts.

That quote is paraphrased. Never mind that, though. Charlie and John are both fictional characters from the popular TV drama, Lost, that I recently started watching.

But Charlie’s predicament is very real—in one way or another—for many of us. It’s easy to become lost in your own bad habits, letting life lead you around by the nose. And John’s solution is a valuable one, as well.

The choices you make for yourself will determine whether life is something you lead… or something that leads you.Continue Reading →

For Travel Hackers: What’s The Best Day To Buy Airfare?

“Damn! Airfare is so stinkin’ expensive!”… is what you might say to yourself if you’ve ever bought airline tickets for a vacation without doing your research.

Flying has never been particularly cheap (unless you subscribe to the religion of miles and points hacking), and airlines the world over spend a lot of money and do a lot of research to figure out how to get you to pay the most for your ticket.

Luckily, though, there’s a whole industry of airline watchdogs, as well, fighting back. They gather millions of pieces of data to help you learn exactly the best times to buy your tickets. I you’re not booking with miles, this is information you’ll want to know—on many domestic flights, the difference between the best and the worst day to buy can be as much as $900!

Read on to learn the rules of smart airfare booking, a pre-caution about which day of the week to buy, and some other smart, travel hacking tips for buying cash tickets.Continue Reading →

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