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"I've taken so many 'stupid risks' in my life. I love your smart, success-focused version of them. – Jason Fonceca, Toronto

Risk•ol•ogist (noun): A practitioner of smart risks who thrives in an uncertain world. Join us.

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Avoiding Panic Attacks: 13 Questions I Ask Myself Before Saying Yes To Anything

I like to joke that I have adult ADD. I’ve never been diagnosed or sought treatment, but there are times I notice my mind and attention drifting many different directions when they should be focused on one. If I ever cut my arm off, I’ll probably bleed to death on my way to the hospitalContinue Reading →Continue Reading →

This Harvard Study Can Predict When You’ll Make Bad Decisions (And When You’ll Make Good Ones)

A few years ago, I was on the hunt for some new financial investments, and doing a lot of research. After giving it some thought, I decided to buy some individual stocks. Which specific stocks doesn’t really matter because buying them now would not be a wise bet, but for transparency’s sake, they were: CatoContinue Reading →Continue Reading →

Knowledge Is Not The Barrier, Action Is: Pioneer Nation Recap

Imagine you’ve met a new friend and made plans to visit him at his home this weekend. He lives in a condo across town. You follow the directions to his place, but the instructions only get you to the front door of the building. He lives down one of the many halls on one ofContinue Reading →Continue Reading →

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