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27 Riskologist Resources Worth $1,379 for $97 (+ I’m Retiring Guerrilla Influence Formula)

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Fellow Riskologist,

An important part of being a prudent risk-taker is finding the courage to strike while the iron is hot.

Usually, the things you need to find success in any project are always available to you if you’re willing to do the work to find and use them. But a smart Riskologist knows patience often brings many of the things you need together for your convenience. Once it’s in front of you, the wait is over; grab it and go!

For the Riskologist focused on improving their life and business, today is one of those days.

For the next 72 hours, 27 action oriented books, courses, and planning resources—valued individually at $1,379—are on sale together for just $97.

The sale is now over. Thanks to everyone who purchased and supported.

Standard Disclaimer: I’m an affiliate for this sale. That means purchasing via a link on this page helps support Riskology.co. I’ll be donating $10 from each sale to Outside In, a non-profit here in Portland helping homeless and at risk youth get back on their feet.

Also, my very first product—Guerrilla Influence Formula—a digital guide to building an audience online is included in the package and will be retired (no longer for sale) at the end of this 72 hour sale.

If you only want Guerrilla Influence Formula, you can buy it here until Friday at 12:01 AM Pacific. Use the discount code BYEBYEGIF to get 20% off before I take the guide off of the market.

GIF is now also off the market. Thanks to everyone who purchased!

As you know, it’s a rare day that I promote a product or service that I didn’t personally create. But, every now and again, a sale that’s a perfect fit for our community will come along. And this time, I even get to contribute to it!

As a Riskologist myself, here’s my curated list of products I think will be especially useful to Riskology.co readers:

pitch-perfectPitch Perfect Pack by Dyana Valentine: You’re walking into a crowded networking event, and you’ve just slapped on your name tag, when—from out of the darkness—you hear, “So, what do you do?” You feel the tingle in your fingers and toes. With the Pitch Perfect Pack, you’ll never be a deer in headlights again! You’ll receive a super fun game-style worksheet; seven audio tutorials, 45 minutes total, of step-by step instructions; and troubleshooting and ideas to help walk you through creating new pitches.

renaissance-bizRenaissance Business by Emilie Wapnick: Imagine having a business that allows you to focus on many of your interests and use all of your skills on a regular basis. In Renaissance Business, you’ll learn to use your many interests so that instead of them being an obstacle to income, they become fuel for income.

life-is-messyLife is Messy Planners by Mayi Carles: The Life is Messy Planners are for messy revolutionaries who have a desire to create tsunamis of change in the world (the good kind), but don’t want to be chained to a to-do list. This organizational solution, composed of interactive PDFs and Excel spreadsheets, is designed to give you both the flexibility to continue fueling your creative fire + the step-by-step, no guesswork structure to take your brilliant ideas from light bulb to done. No yawning included.

create-mastermindCreating Your Own Mastermind Group by Jen Louden: If you’ve looked for a way to organize a smart-hearted fearlessly creative mastermind group infused with honesty, devotion, and brilliance, this is the course for you!  It’s organized in bite-sized bits so you can get up and going fast. Then, dig deeper if you need more guidance. Get the support you need to flourish!

ethical-sellingEthical Selling that Works by Pamela Slim: Consider this your high-powered business fitness training program so your sales process feels as joyful and meaningful as your work with clients. Pam demystifies the process in 4 audio lessons, supplementary videos, visual maps and handouts so that you can feel optimistic, comfortable and effective at selling your services.

more-timeHelp, I Need More Time! by Bev Webb: If a lack of time is holding you back from becoming a kickass creative and getting started on your creative projects, this is the course for you. It includes a 32 page illustrated PDF coursebook, 10 interactive PDF worksheets & The “Time Machine” eBook.

spin-storySpin Your Story by Amanda Oaks: Ever felt stuck, sitting in front of a blank screen, not knowing what to write? Need a gentle hand to help you find your authentic voice? With 200 emotionally charged writing prompts to stir your soul, Spin Your Story is broken into 3 parts: Placing the Stylus (108 Heartfelt Questions), Finding Your Groove (42 Jumping Points), and Fidelity (50 Questions every artist should ponder).

kick-burnoutThe Kick Burnout Kit by Michelle Nickolaisen: Burnout is a minor epidemic among entrepreneurs, and the majority of burnout cases could have been easily avoided ahead of time. The Kick Burnout Kit is a 21-page workbook coveing everything you need to know to build systems & strategies into your business to prevent burnout before it happens, instead of trying to fix the charred aftermath & losing time + money in the process.

This sale is being put on by my smart and talented friend, Emilie, and her partner Michelle. I’m excited to be a part of their limited time offer and, if it’s a good fit for you, I hope you’re excited to purchase the bundle for yourself.

Here’s to you, fellow Riskologist.


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